The Oakland Post 2008-02-20

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THIS WEEK ; STAFF EDITORIAL The recent campus shootings must not be overlooked or forgotten ; CORRECTIONS CORNER ; The Academy gets it wrong: All too often; the Oscar for Best Picture goes to forgettable films ; It's time for the university to make a decision regarding the $4.8 million deferred payment ; Striking a pose: ABS'"Hollywood Fashion Show" heats up for Varner Recital Hall crowd ; OU to switch to trimester this spring: Dyson vs. Dyson debates Cosby ; Experts discuss election; "Come on People" and the Kwame scandal ; POLICE FILES ; Med school dean candidate revealed ; Marx sighting at Oakland University ; Breaking from recess norms: Some students use their vacation for service rather than parties ; Xpressiv B.T.Z. stomps Varner Recital Hall ; This week in OU history ; Analog televisions put out to pasture ; McCain on his way to Troy ; NEWS IN BRIEF ; Man charged with stuffing theft ; City council requests evidence ; UM garden houses possible pot ; Savor a unique pizza pie: REVIEW ; Ferrell takes to hardwood ; Nastasia plays Pike Room ; 'In Bruges' loses its way ; On our minds; and in our hearts ; Where are we growing?: Students and staff talk about the ups and downs of a university on the fast track to the big time ; Speaking Out ; Getting to know a killer: February draws focus to heart disease and its grip on Americans ; OU students react to NIU campus shooting ; Excursion aspirations ; One-item suitcase ; Traveling nightmares ; Grizzlies flounder against IPFW: Former OU forward David Carson nets 18 for the Mastodons while Golden Grizzlies make marks in record books ; BASEBALL PREVIEW New coach; new attitude ; First-year head coach John Musachio returns 22 players ; THE GRIZZ FILES ; Projected Starting Lineups ; SOFTBALL PREVIEW Softball team looking to improve: Pitching ace Jessica Granger leads Golden Grizzlies onto the field ; Projected Starting Lineups ; THE GRIZZ FILES ; Despite injuries; OU women top IPFW ; Jeltema picks up slack for the Golden Grizzlies with a double-double ; Grillin' it up for a cause ; GRIZZ OF THE WEEK ; The Summit League swims over to OU ; EI Rushbo says 'Obama!': The anatomy of an'uncivil war' on the right that is wrong ; Fidel Castro resigns; brother fills void ; N W BRIEFS ; Campus mourns tragedy ; Slaughterhouse abuse leads to massive meat recall ; Musharraf foes celebrate election win in Pakistan



Crime, Budget appropriations, Academic calendars, Oakland University. William Beaumont School of Medicine