Minutes of the Meeting of the University Senate, May 3, 1972

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Exploratories-exploratory course UC01-change in designation & description. Approved. Adjunct faculty ranks-establishment. Approved. Visiting instructor rank-to be eliminated. Approved. Courses-000-099 reserved for academic skills enrichment. Approved. Courses-000-099-no more than 16 may be presented for graduation. Approved. Credits-writing proficiency/composition-no more than 8 credits in regular composition classes. Approved. Writing proficiency-no more than 8 credits in regular composition classes. Approved. Courses-Colloquia courses UC09-change in designation & description. Approved. Courses-repeating course rule-no more than twice, to include repetition by competency credit. Approved. Credits-competency exams. Approved. Engineering-Bachelor of Science. Approved. Engineering-Professional Development Degree. Approved. Classroom disruptions-committee to study revision of policy. Info item. College of Arts & Sciences-constitution. 1st reading


Minutes for the May 3, 1972 Meeting of the University Senate


Exploratories, Exploratory courses, Adjunct faculty, Visiting instructors, Courses, Academic skills, Credits, Writing proficiency, Colloquia courses, Course description and designation changes, Repeating courses, Competency examinations, Engineering BS, Professional degrees, Classroom disruptions, Oakland University. College of Arts and Sciences, CAS, Constitutions