The Oakland Post 1993-04-14

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Earth Month series ; Women and medicine ; Task force meetings ; Task force meetings ; Dates to remember ; OU crime drops to 10 year low ; Science building funds approved ; Packard's first year ; Spring classes bring bucks to departments ; President takes reins after learning ropes ; Homophobia seen as racism ; CRIME WATCH ; Holy rocks; Batman! ; National Digest: School vetoes 'Star Trek" star building idea ; Suit puts heat on Red Hot Chili Peppers ; Recycling big on college campuses ; OU admissions recruits for future students ; Witch performs ritual rites in Maine dormitory: Campus Spotlight ; Dorm officials project most residents to return in fall ; OUR VIEW Go on the record ; ANOTHER VIEW I Murder or Choice? ; President; committee did their jobs in VP search ; Senate's proposal to keep smokers out needed; applauded ; Take a day; take a stand; but don't display violent feelings ; Features: Education that counts ; Members of community make OU's family unique: Rosemarie Goff and Mary Graham Happy faces make "Hot Shoppe" a hot spot for OU students ; Richard Stamps OU professor has traveled many miles ; Melissa Kay Cushman OU provides path for goals ; Amy Pink Long distance letters spell love ; Oakland University 1992 - Squirrel Road construction plows on until 1993 ; Celebrating a Dream ; Campus styles: No care required ; Packard takes the helm in ceremony ; Pioneers in the GLIAC hunt ; Patterson relinquishes seat on board ; New computer system leaves OU without directories ; Forensics referendum passes ; Trustees select new chairman ; OU celebrates MLK Day ; Meetings opened; with exceptions ; National champs! ; This place is a zoo! ; Oil's first man feels welcome ; 1993: Year In Review: Christianity lives ; Financial Aid caught in web of federal; OU red tape ; Controversial play may offend ; Policy may soon go up in smoke ; Season over; women finish 3rd in tourney ; Pigeons reprieved from poison ; Student robbed at gunpoint ; Rickstad wins; disappointed by low turnout ; Theta Chi wins '92 Mud Bowl ; Not your average sportswriter ; Shabazz draws record crowd ; OUSC researches book problem ; Calendar THEATER ; ART ; CONCERTS ; EVENTS ; Hot new releases heat up the summer screen ; Meadow Brook Theatre ; Excursions: Spring and Summer Recreation ; Sporting events and beaches top the lists; nearby ; Desperation; need for money leads to "Indecent Proposal" ; Cousteau travels to OU ; Employers stress experience ; Student teaches something new ; Her end is near; and Lepley's too ; Sports: Pioneer power spurs streak ; OU netters bolt past Chargers for first win ; Mack Attack!: OU to host Gus Macker tournament in August ; OU tennis team takes three wins in early season ; Homework helps Packard prepare OU for 21st Century



Packard, Sandra, Campus development, Recycling, Residence halls, Oakland Center, Squirrel Road widening, Barnes and Noble