The Oakland Post 1990-10-22

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Transition to offices in dorm complete ; Man at work ; Nine march for improved lighting ; No conversions slated despite shrinking space ; Students go hungry to raise money; awareness ; Debris from dumpsite moved down the road ; New parking fine increases delayed until Nov. 5 ; New nursing program seeks final approval ; Snack cake mishap ; Crime Watch ; Saftey Tip ; Board asks for money from the right people ; Students provide enough of the pie ; Classroom cannot provide all necessary tools for success ; Letters to the Editor Post neglects tennis team in coverage ; Hype is worst enemy in PCB transformer removal ; Sad day in America ; Tarot turns tales ; Student organization guides teens toward successful lives ; New station bites into the competition ; Fantasia: Not just kid's stuff: FILM ; Hippies' smart sound goes beyond the basics: MUSIC ; Grand presentation ; Drug czar shares combat tips ; Q: How do feel about female reporters being in mens locker rooms? ; Anti-Semitic comments in two campus papers ; The Weekly Crossword Puzzle ; ZOO U. ; Quote of the Week ; This Week's Horoscope ; What's Happening ; Fanatic Fans ; Soccer team loses No. 1 spot: Altercation mars tension-packed game between rivals ; Spikers pick up two road wins ; Golf team posts a fine finish for fall ; Osmun conference champ; team finishes third ; Netters split ; OU Athlete of the Week ; Fraternities get dirty; have fun: Sigma Alpha Sigma wins annual mud bowl



Nursing, Student activities