Mindset Practices in the Classroom: How to Effectively Implement a Growth Mindset Pedagogy

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Research has shown that students who possess a growth mindset tend to achieve higher levels of success and a greater ability to overcome challenges throughout the course of their academic careers. There exists an abundance of articles that discuss mindset and mindset practices, as well as curriculum designed to teach mindset to young students. After compiling the research that has been done, a set of adaptable guidelines has been designed that will assist educators in implementing a growth mindset pedagogy in their own classroom, regardless of the academic curriculums that they are using. For reference, explicit examples have been included that demonstrate what this pedagogy would look like if used in a first grade classroom. These guidelines will allow educators to instill a mindset in their students that will set them up for future success, regardless of the mindset that the educators themselves possess.



Growth mindset, Fixed mindset