The Oakland Post 2009-04-08

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Failure to Communicate? ; THIS WEEK ; STAFF EDITORIAL An MIP amnesty could save lives ; If that's the worst thing ; Hummers are more eco-friendly than hybrids ; Lack of faculty input prompts lawsuit ; Trustees approve housing rate increase ; Michigan students unite to lobby for MIP amnesty ; City-based art exhibit goes multimedia: 'Contemporary Flanerie' has photo and video pieces ; Daniel Dennett shares theory of how religion evolved ; The Oakland Post wins two regional journalism awards ; PANDEMIC PERCEPTION ; SPB to receive more funds ; POLICE FILES ; What fashion trend could we have done without? ; Would you rather - Have $1,000 to spend at any secondhand store or $500 to spend at just one high-end department store? ; Students learn to teach ; Education program creates smooth transition into the classroom ; Final Four finale in Detroit ; Charity to support former OU student ; Building a lasting legacy: Record-setting aside; Justin Wilson puts his team's goals first ; GRIZZ OF THE WEEK ; Women's lacrosse making strides ; Mall cop to the rescue ; Communications major slaps 'da bass ; Obama goes to White Castle: Twenty-two-year-old pothead explains how to solve political crisis ; Police: no doubt letter is gunman's ; N W BRIEFS ; Spring fishing season has begun ; Somali pirates back in action; seize 5 ships ; Obama: Iraq must take over



Oakland University. College of Arts and Sciences. Department of Writing and Rhetoric, Oakland University. College of Arts and Sciences. Department of Communication, Journalism and Public Relations, Sudol, Ronald, Oakland University. Board of Trustees, Oakland University. University Housing and Dining, Oakland University Art Gallery, Dennett, D. C. (Daniel Clement), Burke Lectures, Oakland University. Student Congress, Oakland University. School of Education and Human Services, Shuck, Aricka, American Association of University Professors