The Oakland Post 1988-11-21

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Frustrated campus radio station goes 'off the speaker' ; Board trying to reduce EPA fine ; 'Left hand green!' ; Five cars destroyed; four damaged from fire ; Brian Murphy wins Student Congress president election ; Trustees give president raise ; Soccer player' s arraignment rescheduled for Tuesday ; News Briefs Master's program accredited ; Student attends conference ; Corrections ; Salary increase wrong move ; Thanks are in order ; Letters to the Editor: Understanding necessary for better relations ; Soul searching still necessary ; White students club not needed ; Article unfair to Congress candidates ; BLOOM COUNTY ; WOUX needs someone to make decision ; Saying goodbye ; Positive thinking helps beat flu: ; Professional photographer focuses on capturing nature in all its glory ; Hunting fair game for both sexes ; Nolte's 'Error' was slapstick rendition of Shakespeare ; What's Happening ; Scheduling conflict ; Penn State; lotta fun ; No hard feelings ; NCAA final four spot up for grabs ; Women swimmers off to perfect start ; Pioneers favored in GLIAC women's basketball chase ; Pioneers wait for invitation ; Monday Night football picks ; Men tankers hammer Western Ontario 78-17 ; Penn State finishes 5-6; worst record in 50 years ; Men's hoop team shooting for Division II tourney



Oakland University. Student Organizations. WXOU, Environmental Protection Agency, Murphy, Brian, Oakland University. Student Congress, Salary, Champagne, Joseph E. (Joseph Ernest), 1938-, Photography, Sandved, Kjell, Positive thinking, Hunting