Proposal for an On-Campus Equestrian Facility at Oakland University: A Consumer-Based Approach

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This project outlines the benefits of moving the Oakland University Equestrian team from its current off-campus location to a program and facility located on the campus of Oakland University. This is begun by discussing why this process is can and should be pursued. Through using Colin Campbell’s theories on consumer behavior, it is proven that collegiate equestrian programs are marketable. Through examining other in-state collegiate equestrian programs, examining the equestrian culture in Oakland and surrounding counties, and through studying the equestrian heritage of the Dodge Family and the Oakland University property, it is shown that Oakland County is an ideal location for such a program. On-campus interest in the program supported is through a survey that I conducted, and that was taken by college students who are also equestrians. Some of the participants are part of the current team, and some are not. The largest conclusion drawn from the survey results are that the equestrians surveyed are most concerned with balancing their responsibilities as a student with their responsibilities as an equestrian athlete. The survey showed that all participants felt that an on-campus program would be the best way to combat this problem. Most importantly, the program is outlined in a business plan and budget, as well as a marketing plan. The business plan lays out the basic costs for building an equestrian facility on campus, and what it would cost to upkeep it on a monthly basis. It then discusses the incomes that the program would generate for the university. The marketing communications strategy outlines how to best market the program by means of a SWOT analysis, brand positioning, and a final marketing communication strategy. All of these elements prove that an on-campus equestrian program would benefit the team, but more importantly, that they would benefit Oakland University financially and culturally.



Equestrian, Programs, Horses, Equine, Hunter, Jumper, Equitation, Horse show, Equestrian team, Oakland County, Oakland University, Consumer behavior, Consumer, Marketing, Marketing strategy, Proposal, Business proposals, Campbell,Colin, English riding, Riding, Budgets, Expenses, Investment