Implementing Social Model-Based Disability Training in Healthcare to Improve the Quality of Care Received by Children With Disabilities


As the healthcare field continues to expand, the desire for workers that are well-trained to understand and meet the needs of their patients is growing. The inclusion of disability training in the healthcare provider curriculum has been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of individuals with disabilities. Current research points to the value of a shift in disability training that adopts and promotes a medical model perspective of disability to a more social model perspective. However, little is known about the impact of this shift on the healthcare of children with disabilities. The proposed study will explore the current literature to examine the basis of disability training used presently and how disability training that is based on the social model perspective can influence the quality of care provided. The results of the study are expected to generate a greater understanding of what should be included in disability training for healthcare workers and how it can aid in the treatment they provide. The study will discover how the use of the social model perspective in disability training can be advantageous to children with disabilities and highlight the need for further research on this topic. Healthcare professionals and patients with disabilities will benefit from the findings of this project and the studies initiated from it.



Children with disabilities, Social models, Models of disability, Disability training