The Oakland Post 1989-11-06



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Instructor slapped at Shrine class ; Clowning around ; Mail service costly for departments ; Fee referendum on ballot for '90 ; Young says planet's; America's future depends on growth of today's cities ; University Student Congress presidential elections begin today: Landry says student government; congress is her life ; THE CAN: Marrs cites experience in steering committee; Theta Chi ; Kresge celebrates ; Car catches fire ; Corrections ; Dorm Notes All residents ; Hill House ; Viewpoint on white profs' lecture smacks of racism ; Letters to the Editor Viewpoint on black experience ; Proposal A and B endorsement too hasty; uninformed ; Vote NO on A and B ; Lecture unfair to Greeks ; Vote Landry for president ; Who is our student congress? ; Greek Life - When Creeds Clash: Christian and Greek beliefs conflict ; Fat Man starving for quality ; Seeing Red ; Band rocks second time around ; Witty cast delivers realities of marriage ; Debates make me think; talk ; Spikers rolling; win streak at ten ; Young tankers bury Lakers 147-94 ; Soccer shocker; Pioneers lose ; MONDAY NIGHT PICKS ; Harriers finish sixth in GLIAC ; Netters surge to sixth place ; Sports this week



Registration fees, Referendum, Mail services, Student congress elections, Landry, Christina, Marrs, Gregory, Greek culture