The Oakland Post 1991-02-18

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Kresge Library; other departments to benefit from alumni funds ; Piston John Salley speaks to students on value of school ; Mentor program strives to keep kids in the classroom ; Conference center committee member resigns: An angry Floyd Willoughby says decision to build "has already been made" ; Speaker suggests Black culture was raped: Addressing moral dilemmas ; Crime Watch ; OU had low 1990 crime rate ; Corrections ; Forensics should not be considered a student group; needs team status: Funding could hinder success ; Letter to the Editor Oppression ruins struggle from inside out; respect needed ; University must cater to commuter schedules ; Renewing friendships ; Individuality key to success: Black leaders focus on change Arnold working for enhancement of black students ; Johnson advises pursuing dreams ; Posted notices recruit expectant mothers ; Students worm about flying at spring break ; Film's macabre scenes keep nerves on alert ; Student writes from Persian Gulf ; Student is leader in holographic art ; Festival events celebrate Chinese year of the ram ; Sunday's Young Artist Gala featured OU musicians ; Correction ; Q: What do you think about the new revolving door at the library? ; Surprise: Students do spend time studying! ; ZOO U. ; Quote of the Week ; The Weekly Crossword Puzzle ; What's Happening ; High GPA's don't equal good jobs ; This Week's Horoscope ; Cagers beat Ferris in final seconds: Leigh's clutch free throws win it for women 74-72 ; Men fend off FSU surge 86-84 ; lose to Wayne State 79-73 ; Men tankers lose to U of M 154-97 ; Swim coach sets example for others ; PIONEER OF THE WEEK: Cory Zieger Men's Swimming ; Women beat Hillsdale ; PIONEER TRAILS: THIS WEEK IN OU ATHLETICS



Kresge Library, Conference Center, Holography, Association of Black Students