The Oakland Post 1991-04-08



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


31 help out in Campus Clean-up ; Handicapped students gain new respect at OU: Handicap Awareness Week ends; but the struggle against inequality continues ; New data network on display in Dodge ; Congress and officials discuss Scholar Tower ; OU's AMA wins big in New Orleans ; The boys of spring ; Australian speaker urges students to change their ways and save the planet ; Phi Sigma Sigma finds its Mr. Phi Significant ; Fraternity marks ten years at OU ; Crime Watch ; Changes in Crime Watch are needed; new policy coming: Column designed to help staff; students has hurt them ; Fix system instead of assuming student is broken ; Letters to the Editor Report crimes responsibly and ethically; not for gossip ; Post abuses rights; students should get involved ; With press rights come responsibilities ; Education needed to effectively combat bigoted violence; group hate ; Non-conformists are cast out ; Summer jobs offer variety ; Ring goes full circle ; April release set for students' first album ; Londonbeat is an international armada of musical talent ; Teacher writes songs ; (film) Scenario is familiar ; Stepping shown at Lepley Sports Center ; Q: Which of the playoffs are you going to follow the closest? ; Study says collegians are using fewer drugs ; Meningitis strikes a third ; This Week's Horoscope ; What's Happening ; zoo u. ; The Weekly Crossword Puzzle ; Duke vs Kansas? ; Cheaters never win ; Baseball team wins four in a row ; Athletes appreciate faithful OU fan ; Golf coach sets hopes high for spring season ; Swimmer leaves with memories and many accomplishments ; Netters lose to Hillsdale; EMU



Handicapped accessibility, Environment, Technology, Computers, Greek letter societies