The Oakland Post 2011-08-31

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Welcome Back ; this week ; STAFF EDITORIAL Parking is a pain - Not ; New administration has big plans ; Advanced robots will be able to take over ; GrizzlyPalooza; an OU original ; campus briefs ; Feet For Seats kicks off MBT season ; OU recognizes student veterans; soldiers ; Hours extended; scantrons rescinded ; police files ; Getting a start: Classes commence at school of medicine ; Athletes excel in the classroom: Oakland students perform at a high level on and off the courts ; Academic Successes ; Volleyball adds two to 2011 class ; Paying college athletes to play: No; thank you ; The race Car Demo ; The Walk to Meadow Boook ; Wreckreation (Street Dance) ; Greetings; Grizzlies!: Welcome Week kicks off; includes signature events ; ISSO: International Welcome Reception ; Muggle Quidditch Movie Night ; CSA: GrizzFest I ; Borders close gets bookstores talking ; Detroit pride grows as Chrysler ad expands ; Debt plan is a glass ceiling for students ; OU gender gap broadens ; Economy impacts student career choice ; NEWS BRIEFS ; Starbucks Biggby: Starbucks faithful ; Biggby loyal ; Dance brings student to Ghana ; Honors College thesis research begets fresh perspectives I ; Baillageon takes on many roles in lifetime ; Student's checklist includes experience; energy and enormous responsibility ; New student org aims to dominate bullying ; Creating a new 'Fairytale': OU students write and direct a tribute to the Killers ; records & reels ; Arts Beats Eats and students: Royal Oak's festival adds Oakland University to the mix ; Changes to MTD hope to bring in new audiences ; Expert tip: No bathroom eating



Meadow Brook Theatre, Veterans, Kresge Library, Student athletes, Welcome Week, Gender gap, Baillageon, Claude, Oakland University. William Beaumont School of Medicine