The Oakland Post 2017-09-20

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Historic Night: The Oakland University Club Football team wins big in its first-ever game on campus ; Bees? OU adjunct professor starts a beekeeping nonprofit in Detroit ; Fashion Week: Former intern reports on what it's like to work in New York Fashion Week ; Irma: OU alum recounts seeing the destruction of Hurricane Irma ; Letter from the editor: the First Amendment ; Looking back: burst pipes: Pipe burst have caused OU grief ; New book looks back at OU's past ; 2017-2018 campus changes: Oakland University is experiencing many innovations throughout the school year; including new tuition payment dates; OC renovations and course renumbering ; Sorority formal recruitment week: Despite the differences of the five chapters; they all share the common goal of uniting young women with similar motives to better the community ; OU is keeping students safe and clean one cup at a time: The Graham Health Center offers testing for STDs on Fridays ; Why DACA needed to be removed ; Senator Sanders proposes "Medicare for All": The goal over the next four years is to deprivatize today's form of medical insurance to ensure universal health care ; Detroit is worth the watch: The film looks back 60 years to the race riots ; J. Law hits the mother load with new film ; Club football. Oakland takes first on-campus win 48-14 ; Club sports highlight: OU Tennis gets the ball flying ; OU professor's startup is creating buzz in Detroit ; Alum helps serve justice at the Sam Bernstein Law Firm ; The life of a New York Fashion Week intern: Oakland University student interns fitting model for designer Jonathan Simkhai ; OU alum experiences hurricane Irma firsthand ; Study shows that OU students vote ; student Nurse's Association of OU ; Take a trip to Grand Rapids Art Proze with Student Program Board: SPB brings students to art competition on Sept. 23 ; Top 5: Food near campus ; Police Files: Just a quarter bottle of Tito's remained ; Only 15 minutes prior ; A missing Coach wallet ; SPB rumors prove to be false ; The Alt-Left on Europe ; Little Caesars Arena: Is it racist? Kid Rock displays confederate flag at concert



Oakland University. Student Organizations. Club Sports, Men's football, Oakland University History, Campus development, Greek letter societies, Sexually transmitted diseases