The Oakland Post 2006-02-08

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


AFFIRMATIVE ACTION Yay or nay? Issue appears on ballot this fall ; Gonzales defends spying program ; Wake up! ; How to file taxes electronically ; IRS details tax season schemes to avoid ; Affirmative action groups report campaign accounts ; OUSC Legislator calls minutes into question ; Faculty art on display: Gallery open through Sunday ; CLUB MAKES THE HEADLINES ; POLICE FILES ; UPANDCOMING ; Everything you need to know to enjoy the winter Olympics ; Chelios named captain of United States hockey team ; When to watch ; Team USA heading for gold ; EDITORIAL Keep the party goin' ; Freedom of speech does not mean the freedom to slander ; LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: It is hard to overlook the possibility of foul play ; The McGuinness-Caver administration will continue to do the best for students ; Restaurant plowing path to opening: New eatery serves another dining option ; PEACE OF MIND Public shootings leave shoppers with mixed ideas on safety ; TRANSPORTATION Leaders: Detroit is good host city; but lacks mass transit ; Now Playing ; Recommended ; It's the thought that counts: The best way to show you care this Valentine's Day ; A Valentine's Day Memory ; A Valentine's Day to Forget ; Your Valentine's Day Messages ; AT ISSUE DRUG COMPANIES Group seeks change to immunity laws ; Health care goes retail as clinics pop up in stores ; Lawmakers hear Granholm's plan to insure residents ; Bird flu test approved by FDA ; At least 195 become ill after eating at Lansing restaurant ; Internships can help you land your first job ; JOB PROFILE Crash test dummy technology improving: Rochester-based company one of two worldwide to produce ATDs ; Order up! Basketball coaches grill for good cause ; SPORTS ; LET THE GAMES BEGIN



Affirmative action, Sleep, Oakland University Art Gallery, Oakland University. Student Congress, Safety, Health care, Internships