Building Community Capacity to Advocate for Policy Change: An Outcome Evaluation of the Neighborhoods Working in Partnership Project in Detroit


This article presents results of the outcome evaluation of Neighborhoods Working in Partnership (NWP), a community-based participatory research project of the Detroit Community–Academic Urban Research Center, designed to enhance policy advocacy skills through training and support, thereby increasing community capacity, engagement, and empowerment of Detroit residents to change policies. Focus groups and conversational interviews were conducted with NWP participants. Results indicate that the workshop empowered participants and enhanced dimensions of community capacity. Participants reported engaging in policy advocacy activities and various policy successes. Participants identified challenges and facilitating factors to their policy campaigns. Recommendations for similar trainings are provided.



Community-based participatory research, Program evaluation, Community organizing, Community capacity building, Policy practice, Community engagement, Civic engagement


Cheezum, R. R., Coombe, C. M., Israel, B. A., McGranaghan, R. J., Burris, A. N., Grant-White, S., ... & Anderson, M. (2013). Building community capacity to advocate for policy change: An outcome evaluation of the Neighborhoods Working in Partnership project in Detroit. Journal of Community Practice, 21(3), 228-247.