The Oakland Post 1990-01-29

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Black Awareness Month begins this week; innauguration Thursday ; SBA search committee meets: SB A citeria; job specifications set ; Laughs on Mike ; Threat forces OC evacuation ; Condyloma leading STD at OU; STD decline at Graham ; Bombing suspects move to circuit court on thefts ; Service reductions cause conflicts ; News Briefs Fire a false alarm at Kresge Library ; Student heats up dorm room ; Bang in Dodge ; Parked car raided ; Corrections ; Students; faculty to return to Virginia Beach after violence ; A draining ordeal ; No comment on campus bombs poor decision ; Letters to the Editor Sport teams at OU are competitive ; Thanks to fans for needed cheers ; Jaye's view on liberal dems laughable ; What's Happening a welcome addition ; Black history just as important as other cultures ; Black awareness should involve everyone at OU ; Tips on trips ; Profs double duties ; The 90s: Education; counseling needs excel ; Crossroads breaks racial barriers ; Soft shoe ; Whiz kids ; Q: Holding a picture of president Joseph Champagne; the Post asked... Who is this man? ; Freshmen are hard on drugs; soft on abortion and ready to protest ; QUAYLE KOLLEGE ; What's Happening ; The Weekly Crossword Puzzle ; This Week's Horoscope ; Hang in there Ann ; Women whip Wildcats 72-59 ; Swim teams split with Kenyon; sweep Toronto ; Pioneers wake up; claw past Wildcats 82-74 ; Crowds; college coaches and chili dogs ; Fencers take three events at tournament



Black Awareness Month, Oakland Center, Faculty, Crossroads, Oakland University. School of Education and Human Services