The Oakland Post 2006-10-25

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


TIGERS WORLD SERIES ; Special Report: Your online life ; Employers may peek at online profiles ; What do you think? ; Legal implications ; Workshops examine dangers of online life: 'Think of the off-line equivalent' ; Pulitzer prize winning writer will discuss politics: Students should come prepared with current event questions ; Campus Rundown: New BOT-AAUP agreement passes ; Students discuss current events and issues before election ; Former FEMA director Brown speaks to campus community ; POLICE FILES ; TODAY'S WORD ; QUOTE OF THE DAY ; WHAT'S ON YOUR MIND? ; DIWALI CELEBRATION ; Bush should not have compared Iraq to Vietnam ; "Obama and the GOP Slime Machine" ; LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Voting is "civil liberty; not something to be taken for granted" ; Voting machines are 'vulerable to malicious manipulation' ; "Embarrassment at Rushmore" ; "Korea Kick Me" ; CORRECTIONS CORNER ; Rochester Hills schools may get new security cameras: Board; committee considering cameras ; QUOTE OF THE DAY ; LOCAL NEWS IN BRIEF: 2 Michigan Marines based in N.C. killed in Iraq ; THE WORLD IN BRIEF: No plan for big Iraq strategy shift or ultimatum to Iraai leaders ; Free antibiotic prescriptions ; MUST HEAR MUSIC ; JOJO HIGH ROAD ; IN THEATERS: Marie Antoinette ; most downloaded ALBUMS from the iTunes music store ; FRIGHTENING FACT ; HALLOWEEN PARTY TIPS Have a monster bash! ; Actors 'n' Techies present classic thriller ; Students and coaches to run Detroit Marathon: Race takes runners on tour of Detroit attractions ; A tough team gives a tough town something to smile about ; QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Tigers fan finds joy for the first time in watching team play ; MEN'S SOCCER Ouch!: Grizzlies stumble out of the blocks ; CLUB SPORT SPOTLLIGHT Sword Play: One Post reporter tries fencing ; WEEKLY ROUNDUP: Women's Swimming falls to Illinois ; Four of a kind: Women's soccer tallies fourth straight win ; HOCKEY Grizzlies heat up ice: OU takes out Bulls in win ; PLAYER PROFILE OU's own "Gambler": Grizzly defenseman takes risks and leaves it all on the ice ; Upcoming Games



Social media, Will, George F., International students, Detroit Tigers, Fencing