The Oakland Post 2007-04-11

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Finally; a med school closer to home: The announcement of OU's very own allopathic medical program; to be launched in 2010; should benefit everyone affiliated with the university. The Post worked with university officials to help answer some pressing questions ; WONDERING HOW Oakland's: medical program will affect you? Check out these FAQs and you may find the answer ; Shady lenders not a concern at OU: Financial aid is risky business at many colleges ; Up 'Till Dawn's big finish ; ELerweins deliver to OU ; Academic advising experience leaves much to be desired ; The story behind OU's "adaver lab" ; NEWSBRIEFS New international relations B.A. ; POLICE FILES Quarters go missing ; EDITORIAL Praise for OU financial aid office ; LETTER TO THE EDITOR ; Spring closet cleaning: Oakland University's very oum fashionistas make predictions about what to keep; what to toss and what never goes out of style ; Final freak-outs are unnecessary: Study tips from the experts get you on the fast track to an easy A ; Shooting at local office: 1 dead; 2 injured in Troy shooting ; OTHER FATAL WORKPLACE SHOOTINGS IN MICHIGAN ; Court to weigh right to library books ; Man hunts terrorists: Local man attempts to use fake terrorist hunting permit ; Memoirs of a Mascot: The former Grizz speaks out on going to work ; The first rule of mascot fight club?: Be sure to tell the Oakland Post about it ; Just asking - WHO'S YOUR FAVORITE MASCOT? ; Where there's a Will - McMahon moves up to UHL for playoffs ; In Case You Missed It ; Hockeytown sings the blues ; DID YOU SEE THAT?! ; BRIGHT EYES: Cassadaga ; MIKA Life in Cartoon Motion ; Skip the "fourth meal": Bros serves it up ; GRINDHOUSE: Blood and babes ; websites to check out ; Putting all differences aside ; The Hooters delusion



New degree programs, Oakland University. William Beaumont School of Medicine, Financial aid, Advising, Anatomy, Fashion, Study habits, Grizz