The Oakland Post 1988-03-21

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Greenhouse loses campus legend ; Volunteers pitch in to keep; building open ; Marriott plans expanding campus food services ; Residence halls separates floors by majors ; State schools raise tuition ; University considers computer use fee ; Mime work ; NEWS BRIEFS Enrollment decreases ; Phone machine; keyboard stolen ; Phone machine keyboard stolen ; Presidential candidate lectures ; Faculty promoted ; Corrections ; TUITION RATES ; U.S. troops don't belong in Honduras ; Lepley needs to enlarge improve ; Death of loved one is frightening ; Letters to the Editor ; Music major feels isolated in Varner ; BLOOM COUNTY ; What's Happening ; Varner Production shows Wild West in new light ; Women's History Month lacks student recognition ; Campus Crusade for Christ elicits mixed reactions ; 'Masquerade' suspense scores with audience ; Differences between dorm students commuters remain disputed ; Mighty Mouse becomes national campus cult ; Who took 2nd place? ; Baseball team gets overhaul with new coach ; Tankers place 2nd at nationals VanderMey Woods set records ; Lady tankers cruise to 6th place finish as Schermer qualifies for Olympic trials ; Golf team to come out of hibernation new coach Busam stresses "short game" ; Men's tennis team hopes to perform better than last year ; The links beckon ; People going nuts ; Apes banging away ; Unnatural acts ; Tickets to Hell ; Lepley called worst sports center in conference.



Wendland, John, Tuition, Residence halls, Women's history month, Religions, Johnson, Dirke, Commuters vs. on-campus students, Mighty Mouse, Men's baseball, Chapoton, Paul, Lepley Sports Center, Dormitories, Student housing