The Oakland Post 2011-04-06

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Counting the Campus: A snapshot of Oakland's busiest hour of the day ; this week ; STAFF EDITORIAL How do students rate? ; The 'Kill Team' story should embarrass U.S. ; Students should take evaluations seriously ; Evolving OU: Part II: Leaders convene in Rochester for mega brainstorming session ; Creative writing major passes through BOT ; Physics professor honored with distinguished education award ; police files: Fire alarm leads to discovery of persona non-grata ; Campus Briefs ; Financial planning program ; Eveslage - Malile elected to OUSC ; Dance team returns to Disney ; Grizzlies brave the cold to earn split with WMU ; THE BLITZ: Aaron Wick earns multiple weekly honors ; Hostel adds to city's revitalization ; Dictated by rigorous schedule: OU President: 'I enjoy being busy' ; From GSA to Chick-fil-A: One student is involved in many campus activities ; PROFESSOR PROFILE ; Singing for Sheen a 'losing' feat ; WEEKLY CROSSWORD ; Back to the roots of drama: MTD's 8-hour 'Pageant Play' presents traveling medieval plays ; Wilson Hall hosts finale of professional artist series ; Former Golden Grizzly makes his mark in the music business ; records & reels ; Horrid disease hits campus community ; Things that are more fun than finals week



Teacher evaluation, Creating the Future, Creative Writing BA, Distinguished Professors, Oakland University. Student Congress, Student life, Michigan--Detroit, Russi, Gary