The Oakland Post 1997-01-29

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Winners notified in naming contest: Food Court ribbon cutting ceremony scheduled for February 6 ; Career Connection: Local high school freshman takes a stab at Post production ; Honors College initiates plan to recruit new students ; Prosecutor refuses to file CSC charges ; Campus News MLL chair talks to Congress on sign language ; Former OU custodian sentenced for VBH thefts ; Eberwein honored with teaching award ; Student arrested twice in same day: CRIME WATCH ; Supreme Court to rule on Internet Decency Act ; OPINION ; Letters to the Editor OUSC evaluations about more than implied in Post ; Faculty Want What's Best for OU Students ; Resources Available to Disgruntled Students ; EDITOR'S VIEW Everyone at OU needs to learn R-E-S-P-E-C-T ; OU Procedure for Resolution of Student Complaints ; FEATURES Historic artists around the world displayed ; A day in the life of - Traveling on board a Russian sea trawler ; Life filled with adventure: She has managed to travel the Pacific; live in the South Pole and marry in New Zeeland ; OU EVENTS ; MUSIC ; THEATRE ; ART ; Other ; Nothing's rotten in Denmark: Hamlet Is more colorful than ever ; Wnter Parking hazards ; Vegas style for one night: Students tried their hand at winning Saturday without losing a penny ; SPORTS Women place second at Invitational ; Collins finishes with pride ; Stats slack picked up by interim ; Tankers place first at Clarion swim meet ; Pioneer of the Week ; The Pioneer sports week ; Basketball team standings ; Women lose lead in South ; Men finish perfect on trip ; CIPO THIS WEEK



Oakland University. Honors College, Oakland Center, American Sign Language, Eberwein, Jane Donahue, Art collections