The Oakland Post 1987-11-23

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Business school gains computer system; hopes for accreditation ; Computer costs $1 million ; Schools hold off on hiring freezes ; Lake geese ; Newspaper takes action against police ; School board vice chair thrives on community involvement ; NEWS BRIEFS Author speaks on problems of poor ; Buildings close for holiday ; 2 suicide attempts bring total to 12 ; Finch takes over Area Hall Council ; Walkways construction first in 25 years ; Osmosis ; Students stay Republican ; Public Safety policy is unfair ; Students need to appreciate facilities ; Letters to the Editor ; Athletic facilities closed to students open for others ; Letters to the Editor ; BLOOM COUNTY ; What's Happening ; Residence halls' cafeteria offers few healthy options ; Movie provides silly warm brand of comedy ; Information on birth control provides freedom ; Varner production poses provoking questions ; New communications club formed ; Children's book week offers guidance on literature ; Bill threatens to limit grants; loans ; In His Own Words ; Lady Pioneers rout Siena team ; Men's basketball team defeats Toledo Greg Kampe begins fourth year as head coach ; Women's swim team defeats Western Ontario opens 1987-88 season with packed house at home ; Friday the 13th proves lucky tankers defeat two schools ; Team USA ties MSU in hockey exhibition ; Pistons pay $15,500 per year to shoot hoops at Oakland Could use Lepley Sports Center gym up to 70 times this year ; Spikers wrap season; end on winning note ; Oakland student Salassa wins novice fencing tournament at U of D.



Oakland University. School of Business Administration, Construction, Oakland University Police Department, Residence halls, Birth control, Children's books, Student loans, Guaranteed student loans, Vandenberg Hall, Food service, Pell grants, Hartmann, Patricia