Undergraduate Collegiate Female Leadership Programs in Public Universities Within the State of Michigan

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My thesis project will examine what types of undergraduate leadership student programs exist for young women attending the fifteen public universities within the State of Michigan. Within the analysis, questions that will be explored include: What universities offer undergraduate female leadership programs; If a public university does offer an undergraduate female leadership program, in which department does the program reside? Further content analysis will be done on each found organization including its design and intent, chosen curriculum as well as the membership selection process. Part of the analysis will include what scholarly research, literature, and programming is used to guide the organization’s pedagogy. As part of the review and analysis, a chart will be created that looks at the differences between the universities and their programs as well as their similarities. A final discernment about the “best practices” that exist within undergraduate female collegiate leadership programs will be made. This codified knowledge will be created in order to guide the development of future female collegiate leadership programs.



College, Leadership, Women