Integrating in the Accusative: The Daily Papers of Interwar Hildesheim

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Association for Interdisciplinary Studies


What are the benefits and drawbacks of using objects as sources for an integrative approach? This essay considers the example of the daily papers in interwar Hildesheim. One read the daily paper initially as a means to express the self, to create integration in the locality. and to negotiate reputation, patriotism, and neighborly concern. Yet daily papers in effect fetishized faceto- face neighborly relations, promoted a mass consumer regime, and helped transform a civil into a fascist society. What began as a form of everyday nonconformity against 'the system' helped create a more powerful form of hegemony and a more tragic system of destruction and terror. By exploring the life history of this everyday object, we gain insight into the dynamics at work in that past life world and into the relatedness and contradictions of things.




Bergerson, Andrew Stuart. "Integrating in the Accusative: The Daily Papers of Interwar Hildesheim." Issues in Integration Studies 15 (1997): 49-76.