Midwest Filipino American Students and their Perceptions on Depression

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The purpose of this thesis is to determine the prevalence of depression in the Filipino American student community within the Midwest. According to Jung et al. (2020), Asian Americans generally attach stigmas to mental illness and show disapproval towards seeking treatment. This statement highlights Asian American’s unawareness towards the significance of mental illness. This thesis will delve into the views of Filipino American students on the topic of depression in their personal lives. Surveys will be distributed electronically to members of the Midwest Association of Filipino Americans (MAFA). Through this survey, participants’ responses were analyzed to determine whether they agree or disagree that depression is a prominent issue in their culture, and verify if depression is a problem within the Filipino American student community. The acquired data showed a significant prevalence of depression within this community and can further help improve patient education, assist nurses in providing optimal care for Filipino American students, and aid in addressing the significance of depression and its detrimental effects to psychological health.



Filipino, Mental health, Depression