The Oakland Post 2000-03-15

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


FAST facts ; MTD's future dances to center stage ; OU DECISION 2000: Presidential Debate spotlights platforms ; Board meets; takes no action ; student Affairs: UPDATING OU ; CRIME watch ; Harvard professor lectures on race ; CT union move stalled by grievance: Negotiations halted until matter resolved ; Fire alarms vacate OC ; LETTERS TO THE editor: Student questions Post coverage ; Reader wants Brittanny; Kato; Jenny; Jerry not 'smart guy from Harvard' ; EDITOR'S view Got Beer? ; local Edge: Festivals & Shows ; LECTURES & WORKSHOPS ; SPECIAL INTEREST ; Got Beer? controversial new slogan for PETA ; WANTED: donations or donor: Leukemia patient needs bone marrow transplant ; Four Day FORECAST ; MOTLEY FOOLU: The Dreaded Student Loan Repayment ; life Edge: ON CAMPUS ; CONCERTS ; COMING SOON ; the enchantment of 'Arabian Nights' ; The Bloodhound Gang's "Hooray" sure to make waves ; Have a mentoring attitude: The Office of Equity; P.A.U.S.E.; Upward Bound all offer great opportunities ; A life without tunes lacks color; culture; flavor ; Get FIRED Up: Do-it-yourself pottery ; Tropical escapes beyond the Caribbean: Jamaica Joe's offers dinner and dancing ; For Your ENTERTAINMENT ; BiZarRO ; LEX ; THE UNIVERSAL CROSSWORD ; sports Edge: SCOREBOARD ; UPCOMING GAMES ; SPORTS TRIVIA ; Cheer team reaches out for new members ; SPEED and POWER: Spring fever covers city streets with motorcycles ; Club news: Kampe named National Coach of the Year ; "Bad Boys" will forever be role-models and superstars



Oakland University. College of Arts and Sciences. School of Music, Theatre and Dance, Clerical technical staff, Mentoring