The Oakland Post 1995-10-11

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


International agreement signed: OU to exchange robotics technology with Malaysia ; BLADING BANNED: Damage forces OU to ban indoor rollerblading ; Projects move forward with amended policy ; SBA search to be investigated: OMA violations alleged by 'Post' ; Basic cable TV still not available to university ; Campus News OU to parent charter school ; Global women's conference talk on campus ; GRAFFITI Vandals spray anti-Christ sayings ; Rollerbladers must learn to walk again ; Wrong way driver arrested; jailed: CRIME WATCH ; Board approves budget increase ; Letter to the Editor GALA expresses thanks: Thanks to SPB ; OU beginnings ; Offensive graffiti ; EDITOR'S VIEW Student apathy reigns again on campus ; Weekend of Champions ; Dating 101 ; Unlucky or Coincidence? ; Raising questions of guilt or innocence ; WOCOU HIGHLIGHTS ; RED CROSS Make a difference in life ; Helping Hands ; OU brings in new Director for OC ; CIPO This Week! ; OU EVENTS ; FILM ; OTHER ; MUSIC ; THEATRE ; Sports Quick pace produces latest rec center plan ; Simply Smashing ; Pioneers run down another ; Pioneer of the Week ; The Pioneer sports week ; Classic: Weekend play ends in defeat ; Second-place finish earns record ; Men dive into title defense ; Intramural sports weekly standings



Robotics, Cable television, Charter schools, Women, Graffiti, Weekend of Champions, Oakland Center, Campus development, Oakland Athletic Center