Kids, Why Eat Your Greens (Or Your Reds or Your Yellows)?: A Nutrition Education Intervention

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America’s children battle a plethora of negative influences related to their health and overall wellness. A growing obesity epidemic, poor eating habits, negative influences and various health conditions are all struggles today's children face. This is in part due to a lack of proper nutritional education. Educational programs that teach children about wellness, nutrition, and the role their choices play in their health are needed for the enhancement of today’s youth and their health. This project sought to teach children the importance of proper nutrition and the impact it has on overall wellness. This report also sought to analyze the educational approach as well as the current nutritional knowledge of children. It is crucial that children are taught from a young age the skills they need to make healthy nutritional choices, as the knowledge they possess will impact their health and overall wellness status for the whole of their lives. This project showed some positive trends in participants’ preferences and nutrition knowledge; it also resulted in suggestions for future projects utilizing this or similar educational methods.



Nutrition, Children, Nutrition education, CATCH Kids' Club