The Oakland Post 1999-03-24

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Andrews under investigation ; Congress elections underway ; Time to Vote ; Raise in student fee on ballot ; FAST FACTS ; Student Affairs EVENTS: UPDATING OU ; ON CAMPUS Senate endorses multi-purpose complex ; NOURSHING THE SYSTEM: Students; faculty; staff donate Blood ; Professor teaches love of nature; life ; OU Press launched with Matilda Wilson's guidebook ; CRIME WATCH Spandex Man ; PERSPECTIVES ; EDITOR'S VIEW Local lawmakers wage war on "road rage" ; LETTERS TO THE EDITOR "Man" often used in sexist terms ; Feminist confronts alum; says women equal to men ; Burhans' letter sparks thought from English Prof ; Congress President apologizes for submission of ad content ; OUTSIDE OAKLAND COMMUNITY CALENDAR ; VALERIE'S FOUR DAY FORECAST ; Gambling students take risk ; MOTLEY FOOL U: Apply These Lessons From College to Personal Finance ; Lions; Cowboys save Thanksgiving games ; THE MANY HATS OF HOLLY ; The Eighties: a classic time for the Nineties ; Admissions director leads life of diversity ; CURRENT EVENTS ON CAMPUS ; THEATRE ; MUSIC ; EXHIBITS ; MISCELLANEOUS ; IN THE SPOTLIGHT 'Gypsy' entertains with vaudeville tale ; An artistic 'explosion': 'Dance Explosion!' welcomes spring with new pieces by faculty; students ; GET OUT the Great Escape ; Hot tub and tan salons offer rest and relaxation in a hectic life ; FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT - THIS WEEK ; TELEVISION ; Comprehending the signs on the road to love ; Etcetera CITIZEN DOG ; Bizarro ; THE UNIVERSAL CROSSWORD ; Cheap Psychological Tricks: Rubbernecker Surprise ; HELP ME! ; SPORTS OU's Anita Rapp trains in Norway for pre-world cup ; U-M Club brooms OU Lacrosse ; Baseball splits double header; defeats Columbia falls to Marist ; F.Y.I ; Cover to cover; an equality barrier in Media Guides ; Fitness assessments offer advice ; Tennis double header spells sweet success ; WSU ices OU hockey club: Men's Hockey Club fights hard; but comes up short against WSU ; Spotlight on the Black & Gold: TERESA TALLENGER WOMEN'S BASKETBALL ; Grizzwald' INSTANT REPLAY ; TOM THE DANCING BUG NASCAR! ; Chuck Shepherd's News of the Weird



Andrews, Scott, Investigation, Elections, Student activities fee, Oakland University. Senate, Clampitt, Phil, Nature, Gilbert, Holly Shreve, Tanning salons, Rapp, Anita, Soccer, World Cup