The Oakland Post 2018-09-05

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Happy First Day; Grizzlies ; President Ora. President Ora Pescovitz recounts her first year in office at OU ; Construction Update. Projects on campus taking final shape for fall use ; Football defeat. Football club defeated in first game at Lawrence Tech ; New year; new editor: We invite students to help grow our content ; Blue light emergency posts arrive at Greek row ; Police Files: The Greaser's Big Heist ; Case of the Skilled Ohio Driver ; OUSC President's Report: Welcoming freshmen ; Local institutions sign articulation agreement ; Recreation and Well-Being Center celebrates 20th anniversary ; GrizzFest Involvement Fair set to connect students to organizations ; The president reflects on her first year and looks forward to the future ; Public health programs are gaining popularity on college campuses ; Paralegal Certificate Program hires new coordinator ; Friendship and philanthropy become "Best Buddies" ; 2018 school supply list for fall fashion: Get ready for the most fashionable season ; A quick guide to the biggest areas impacted by construction ; "BlacKkKlansman" is the must-see film of 2018 ; Unpaid internships are a privilege issue: Certain industries are exploiting students' need for job experience; resulting in a corrupt system ; Convention Life Hack: Less is More ; Ariana Grande explores her truth on "Sweetener" ; The Kooks stay current with their latest album "Let's Go Sunshine" ; DNC abandons Superdelegates after 2016 election anger: The Democratic Party is now fed up with superdelegates and hopes to make a change ; Corruption probes find Cohen and Manafort in deep water: FBI investigators Michel Cohen and Paul Manafort guilty of fraud and bribery ; Why student-athletes should not be paid ; WNBA vs. NBA: The debate ; Club Football falls in season opener at Lawrence Tech ; Horizon League releases preseason polls for men's soccer and women's volleyball ; A new species has emerged on campus



Pescovitz, Ora Hirsch, Transfer students, Macomb Community College, Public health, Fashion, Construction, Campus development, Internships, Student athletes