The Oakland Post 2016-02-17

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Speak like a girl: Feminist group uses interactive spoken word poetry as medium to educate students about gender equality ; Leaders Retreat: Administration holds policy meetings; meets with donors in trip to Florida ; Mystery Murder: SPB to put on murder-solving event at Meadow Brook Hall ; Vision of Athletics: Director of Athletics talks about future for Golden Grizzlies ; Another week; another closed BOT meeting ; Grizzlies on the prowl: "What do you plan on doing over winter break?" ; The Real Deal: Empty seat; arguing chamber: Scalia's passing causes tension in the Supreme Court ; Political Focus: The Clean Power Plan: Supreme Court still has not decided whether to allow Obama's climate change strategy ; Updated master plan open to the public: Students; faculty invited to give feedback on future building and landscaping plans ; University leaders head south for retreat: Closed policy meetings held in Florida; trip paid for in part by tuition dollars ; Celebration month continues with 'A Taste of Africa': Event showcases Oakland talent; authentic food ; Cyber summit to discuss tech trends: Students will have opportunity to learn from; network with panelists from the State of Michigan; strategists from 'Big Three' ; Speak Like a Girl: Poetry slam; spoken word event brings to light wide range of women's issues ; RHA hots LGBT week ; Fruits; veggies and college: Vegans; vegetarians find ways to follow lifestyle; even while at school ; How do you expect find a job with that?: Career Services explains how students with 'abstract' degrees can procure employment ; A murder mystery at Meadow Brook ; SPB to host semi-formal dinner featuring professional actors; chance to solve crime ; Opera Club host student showcase: Oakland organization raises funds to travel to NVC; experience opera at the Met ; 7 musical collabs we want to see ; top tunes ; Yaks of the week ; Album spotlight ; Baseball preview: Keeping their legs: Team searches for stamina in upcoming season ; Golden Grizzlies put it all on the table ; Golden Grizzlies moving on up: Men's basketball gains sole possession of two seed with win over the Raiders ; Women's basketball wins two after three straight losses ; Oakland Athletics increases revenue; support ; After transatlantic transition; Patricia Aschan makes a splash



Feminism, Poetry, Campus development, Campus master plans, African American Celebration Month, LGBTQ, Oakland University. Career Services, Student activities