The Oakland Post 1997-09-24

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Campus unions strive for long-term benefits ; Student Congress State senators and legislators visit campus ; Frustration increases over library relocation ; Mischievous groundhogs cause trouble near MBG ; CAMPUS NEWS Fast Facts ; CSC tops crime list ; CRIME WATCH ; More students enrolling means additional safety ; Pipe breaks; facilities in OC close down ; Starting on the right track ; EDITOR'S VIEW Small steps bring changes in status quo ; OPINION ; Letters to the Editor Guest columnist's generalities limit students' freedoms ; Animal Rights Defended ; Letters to the Editor Activist calls for boycot of well-known circus ; SPORTS Volleyball: Dominates the court ; OCC: A hill among mountains ; College athletes: Public domain or more red tape ; PIONEER OF THE WEEK ; Profiling the Black; Gold and White: Jennifer Nagel Volleyball ; Jessica Mrozek Soccer ; SPORTS CALENDER ; PIONEER INSIDE TRACK SEPT. 17 TO SEPT. 24 ; FEATURES COME AND Get It: We prayed; we pouted; we received the Pioneer Court. Was it worth the wait? ; OU student speaks about his trials; tribulations ; Transfer student speaks out and seeks answers ; OU EVENTS: MUSIC ; THEATRE ; OTHER ; 'Over the Tavern' entertains all ; Soap box derby has OU burning rubber ; THE REEL DEAL 'A Thousand Acres' deals with a million problems: "A Thousand Acres" Wait for the video out of 4 points ; New associate director at MBT ; Sculptures enhance campus decor: OU fortunate to have art donated ; Film Festival promotes AIDS awareness ; Women's Studies explore impact of disease on female communities ; Congress connects with Lansing: The first Legislative Affairs Strategic Initiative Colloquium had a good turn-out with approximately 35 in attendance ; Student org asks help from campus



Performing Arts Library, Oakland Center, Gifts and grants, Sculpture, AIDS