The Oakland Post 2005-02-23



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Women 'break the ceiling' ; Coretta Scott King: Equal rights activist speaks at Keeper of the Dream banquet ; Interns are today's new fad ; OU teams up with Fortune 500 companies ; A student with ambition Last year's Keeper of the Dream award recipient still has high aspirations ; Battling the seasonal affective disorder blues ; China and Russia clash over Mongolia ; the LOW down ; Series hits Judaism 101 ; 'Stump the Christian': InterVarsity holds a question-answer session on Christianity ; news IN short: Senate rejects Granholm's budget ; Local soldier killed in Iraq ; University in the news ; Local Trend Hooked on Hold'Em ; Global Glance ; Dance raises $4.1M ; Outlaw author commits suicide ; EDITORIAL Internship requirements not always practical for students ; GUEST COLUMN Diverse Student Congress working for all student interests ; Let the games begin in the Detroit casinos: Detroiters find Vegas-style gambling in their own city ; "Private Lives" tells all in a bashful comedy of love ; Angels and Demons collide in film: Reeves stars in "Constantine" as the keeper of good and evil ; Band rocks with catchy guitar riffs ; Crossword puzzle ; Comic ; Horoscopes ; Senior leads team ; Mid-Con's best defeat men ; Phoenix rise over Grizzlies ; Mid-Con Basketball Standings ; COLUMN Can't just blame the coach ; Women looking for NIC four-peat ; Club seizes title again ; Grizzlies bounce back after difficult loss



King, Coretta Scott, Women, Internships, Seasonal affective disorder, Men's hockey, Oakland University. Student Organizations. Club Sports, Regional championships