Minutes of the Meeting of the University Senate, October 19, 2023


  1. Informational Items: Undergraduate Program Submissions (Academic Dismissal Policy for undergraduate students revision; Interdisciplinary Healthcare Studies B.S. modification; Nutrition B.S. modification; Computer Science B.S., Specialization in Cybersecurity; Information Technology B.S., Specialization in Cybersecurity; Biological Sciences B.A./B.S. Secondary Teacher Education Program (STEP); Chemistry B.A./B.S. Secondary Teacher Education Program (STEP); Physics B.A./B.S. Secondary Teacher Education Program (STEP), discontinued programs); Combined Graduate School and Undergraduate Submissions (Official OU Academic Digital Badges Policy); Finance and Administration: Budget Overview Update; Strategic Planning Process; Community Engagement Update; FDEI Committee Recommendation to Update Policies; Senate Committee (Co)Chairs; Provost’s Updates | 2. Roll Call | 3. Approval of the Minutes of September 19, 2023 | 4. Unfinished Business | 5. New Business: Senate Standing Committees staffing; Student Code of Conduct changes (moved to 2nd reading; approved) | 6. Good and Welfare | Adjourn



Academic dismissal, Interdisciplinary Healthcare Studies BS, Nutrition BS, Computer Science BS, Information Technology BS, Cyber security, Biological sciences, STEP program, Secondary teacher education program, Chemistry, Physics, Digital badges, Budget report, Strategic planning, Community engagement, Student conduct, Code of conduct