The Oakland Post 1992-10-28



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Health career job fair ; United Way campaign ; Brooks nets bucks ; Power-broking board ; Breakfast program ; OU haunted house ; Arts and Science hit with cuts ; In your face! ; OU searches to net 3 VPs; 2 Deans ; Congress adds and subtracts members; debates election ; Unity rally celebrates dreams; differences ; Sexual Harrasement Week leads to awareness ; Astronaut lands at OU ; Election concerns Japanese ; CRIME WATCH ; OUR VIEW A little talking goes a long way ; ANOTHER VIEW Knowledge needed ; Take care of life: choose protection ; TQM means satisfaction ; USC budget in the black ; Column destroys faith in writers; questions professionalism ; Excursions ; Calendar THEATER ; ART ; CONCERTS ; EVENTS ; Beautiful music composed: Professors rehearse and prepare for their chamber music concert debut ; Mystics a seasonal trend ; Detroit film makes waves: Zebrahead realistic in approach to racial relationships ; happy halloween: Haunted Houses Near You ; Latest Releases Reggae; hip-hop make appealing blend ; Listenable metal offers a new change of pace ; Gilligan's Island gone dry ; Mentors provide self-esteem ; Tattoos are a life-long fashion statement ; halloween: Trick or treat? ; Hormones help build Oakland's reputation ; Sports: Pioneers display balance and depth ; Harriers run to best finish in OU history ; Northerners gut Pioneers; leave Lepley in rack and ruin



Oakland University. College of Arts and Sciences, Budget cuts, Oakland University. Student Congress, Voss, Janice E., 1956-2012, Hollingsworth, Stanley, 1924-2003, Mentoring