The Oakland Post 2011-02-16

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


A Day in the Life: Exploring the careers of OU VIPs ; this week ; STAFF EDITORIAL A small price to pay ; GUEST COLUMN So you want to be the student body president? ; Egyptian youth changed Egypt; the Middle East and the world ; CORRECTIONS CORNER ; Expanding engineering: $30 million Engineering Center approved by State of Michigan ; When was it built?: A history of buildings on campus and when they were completed ; 'Creating the future' for OU: Public perception; academic quality of the school explored ; campus briefs: History Comes Alive lecture series ; Muggle Quidditch League begins training for season ; Leader dogs for the blind trained on campus ; Grizz Express to convert into grab-n-go convenience store' ; Campus celebrates African culture ; police files: Ex-stalking ; Grizzlies survive late scare ; A LOOK AT THE SUMMIT ; Helping students on all fronts: VP Snyder: 'I love to be a part of change' ; The 'inside and outside guys' of OUPD: Lt. Gilroy; Capt. Gordon work in tandem to serve campus community ; Oakland drops to third in Summit League ; Swim team prepares for run at Summit title ; WEEKLY CROSSWORD ; Striking response to abortion ; Becoming a master of the mind ; Global News ; Pepping up the crowd ; professor profiles: Weekly spotlight on OU professors ; Love songs; tales in a cappella ; OUTV Student Video Productions presents: Sideline sports Wrap ; '80s film advises students today ; records & reels ; Open mic night moves to OC for weekly talents ; The great Snuggie struggle ; Alternatives to the smart phone confession application



Engineering Center, Branding, Oakland University Police Department, Leader Dogs for the Blind, African American Celebration Month, Snyder, Mary Beth