Analysis of Gear Tooth Profiles for use in a Mechanical Clock


This project explores the differences in two gear teeth profiles, involute and cycloidal, and determines which profile is more advantageous for use in a gear train like that found in a mechanical clock. Involute gear teeth have been the standard gear tooth design since the 1920’s, before that all gear teeth were cycloids. Involute teeth keep the pressure between the teeth constant, are cheaper to produce, and allow for larger tolerances in design. However, a cycloidal gear tooth is stronger than an involute gear tooth, especially for very low numbers of teeth typically found in clocks. To achieve this, two sets of gears one with cycloidal teeth and one with involute are 3D printed and their operation is studied. This project benefits others faced with the decision of which gear tooth profile to use in their designs.



Involute, Cycloid, Gears, Clocks, Gear Tooth Profiles