The Oakland Post 1993-02-03

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Forensics places third ; Winter Frolics V ; Political science vote ; Dr. King speeches ; ABS Malcolm X tribute ; Advertising awards ; Graduation deadline ; Dates to remember ; OU radio station waits for FM license approval ; VP search process sparks conflict ; Feeling blue ; Committee to study openness appointed: Group to complete quick; thorough investigation ; CRIME WATCH ; NATIONAL DIGEST ; High court refuses to settle grade dispute ; Congress approves budget; agrees with open meetings ; CELEBRATING A DREAM ; OUR VIEW Apples; oranges taste differently ; University structure makes college degrees a rip-off ; All must help protect our ancient forests ; Clinton's promise impossible ; Features Don't grab-aslab; if you can help it ; REBUILDING: Summer program provided opportunity for youths to make a difference ; Inauquration: OU professor witnesses events first-hand ; Christianity lives: United Students for Christ hope to improve their image ; Creative public relations ; Gay and lesbian rights: Colorado faces boycott of spring break crowd over controversial measure ; Send a Valentine to a politician ; Sports: Coffey wakes up Wings fan ; Sunk!: OU tankers run headlong into juggernaut; capsize ; Second half woes ; Taylor makes no excuses for OU basketball's recent lackluster play ; Pioneers in the GLIAC hunt: Eller; Kann and McGregor lead Oakland to four straight and to fourth place in GLIAC ; Broken pipes worries RHC members ; Men take action against campus rapes



Oakland University. Board of Trustees, Oakland University. Student Organizations. WXOU, Open meetings, Religions, LGBTQ