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MICHIGAN MIDTERM ELECTION 2010 ; CAMPUS ; this week October 27 - November 2; 2010; 2010 MIDTERM ELECTION GUIDE ; STAFF EDITORIAL Big story; little ethics: Coverage of student suicide mishandled by some ; Cyrus desecrates Hall ; COLUMN Detroit; far from perfect; is too nearby to ignore ; Grizzlies after graduation ; Jackson to be remembered for warm smile ; OUSC considers tossing Scantrons ; campus briefs: Leadership boot camp ; Classroom clutter becomes a hassle ; Police Files: Malicious Destruction ; Panel to discuss Con-Con ; College Dems are recruiting ; Programs receive grants for research ; Sitting down with President Russi ; STUDENTS PREPARE FOR UPCOMING ELECTIONS ; 2010 MICHIGAN GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATES ; PROPOSAL ONE: CONVENE A STATE CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION (CON-CON) ; PROPOSAL TWO: AMEND THE STATE CONSTITUTION TO PROHIBIT CERTAIN FELONS FROM HOLDING ELECTIVE OFFICE ; 9TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT PLATFORMS ; STATE SENATE AND HOUSE ELECTIONS ; EIGHT THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE VOTING ; LOCAL ELECTIONS ; Grizzlies on the rebound: Carnago's return; new faces bring hope to women's basketball ; Teams making final playoff push ; Grizzlies come in third at dual meet ; Concussions becoming part of new football culture ; New cuisine adds flavor to Rochester ; Bloomfield Hills voters split on millage proposal ; Meadow Brook Hall honors its past and embraces the future ; "We don't have anything traditionwise that is comparable to the Ball at Oakland." ; 4.0 professor profiles Weekly spotlight on OU professors ; Keeping tune with music and students ; Faculty art on display ; Twenty artists showcased through Nov. 21 ; RACHEL REYNOLDS Lecturer in Art ; SALLY SCHLUTER TARDELLA ; records & reels ; Prove your hatred of Weezer: Pay them $10 million ; Scenes from a mine shaft: How did the the Chilean miner pass the time?



Alumni Association, Suicide, Scantrons, Faculty grants, Meadow Brook Hall, Oakland University Art Gallery