The Oakland Post 2017-11-29

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Light It Up: Downtown Rochester glows with holiday spirit for the Big; Bright Light Show ; Art prof awarded: Studio Art Professor Clark given Distinguished Service Award ; Holiday Walk. Meadow Brook cuts ribbon on this year's Holiday Walk ; Jalen is Back. Hayes returns to basketball after suspension ; Letter from the Editor: Local journalism shines the most when emergencies cause the community to rally around it: Let's not let that die away ; Looking back: Great Lakes Crossing: The mall that Oakland University loves today ; "Treasures: of housing residents ; Study abroad takes Beijing ; Police Files: A P1 altercation ; Cash and Adderall ; Detroit Promise comes to OU full-time ; A clean; healthy meal starts with S.O.P.E. ; Art professor gets awarded by peers: Eugene Clark receives prestigious award; participates in ArtPrize ; MTD provides gateway: Sophomore Hannah Faith Stevens discusses program scholarship ; The politically driven Paul Kubicek: OU professor discusses his background; current academic work and OU's Model United Nations Club ; Piano program offers opportunity for students: Event featured various holiday tunes and classic duets ; Light it up downtown ; The Meadow Brook Holiday Walk ; Fast fashion is killing the environment ; The Paradise Papers expose billionaires ; Taylor Swift cements her bad girl status in "Reputation" ; "Justice League" is the years most anticipated letdown ; Game proposes new challenge for players ; Killer meals with your Thanksgiving leftovers ; Record breaking season for OU diver: Junior Joe Smith broke the university's record ; The Sporting Blitz ; Jalen Hayes returns: The basketball expresses gratitude to play again ; Volleyball player named Horizon League Player of the Year ; The real meaning of Thanksgiving ; Stephen Arnica fights Black Friday tradition with his fists



Student housing, Scholarships, Meadow Brook Hall, Fashion, Awards