The Oakland Post 2009-01-28

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


OU's Future ; Building up research and med programs could mean a good prognosis for local economy ; THIS WEEK ; STAFF EDITORIAL A projected medical complex may be the cure for what ails us ; CORRECTIONS CORNER ; Education is too precious to waste on Facebook ; Expanding footprints: Three new buildings to be erected on campus by 2014 ; Medical School Update Plans ; Financial aid to increase in 2009 ; Surviving a shooting ; Energy proposals could save university money ; Getting in grad school ; Prof: Nazis utilized religion ; Student orgs celebrate Asian heritage ; Sharpshooting to resume in Hills: Oakland County judge denies a restraining order against the city ; 93-year-old froze in his own home ; Governor candidates line up for '10 election ; Getting to know yOU A series telling the stories of those who make OU unique: The Post catches up with the Keepers of the Dream ; Program helps Asperger's students adjust to campus life ; Golden Grizzlies Game of the Week: MEN'S BASKETBALL VS. WESTERN ILLINOIS Kangas sets 3's record in win ; Gary Parsons retires with long legacy ; Hankering for a national ranking: Women's basketball performance demands some more national attention COLUMN ; Feed your mind; body and spirit ; Free stuff online: Ways to spend (or waste) your time for money and prizes ; Governor skips his trial to hit morning show circuit ; N W BRIEFS ; Streep wins; without a doubt ; Obama targets greenhouse gases; fuel efficiency ; Japan to tourists: Don't lick the tuna



Oakland University. William Beaumont School of Medicine, Financial aid, Active shooter training, Energy use, Oakland University. Student Organizations, Keeper of the Dream awards, Men's soccer, Parsons, Gary