The Use of Artificial Intelligence for Melanoma Detection

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With an increase in the uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), the possibilities of computer science in other fields are endless. Therefore, having developed an application in Python (Programming Language), that uses AI and ML to detect if an image of a skin spot uploaded by a patient or doctor is or is not potentially melanoma with percentage certainty can aid in the early detection phase and save valuable time. Namely, Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) techniques have been implemented through the help of TensorFlow and Keras, open-source frameworks that aid the development of CNNs, since they are the standard for distinguishing the classification of an image. Through the application’s diagnosis, this means that doctors can reevaluate what the best course of action should be to save their patient’s life. This project provides a better understanding of how these Artificial Intelligence applications can be used within the medical field. This thesis will also aid others in the same area of expertise to build upon their own applications through this project as a reference.



AI, Machine Learning, Melanoma, Computer Science