The Oakland Post 2018-03-07

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


A visit from Stabenow: Gun control; health care and DACA were hot issues at our senator's forum ; Oakland's budget. Board of Trustees reviews budget with student congress ; Gun control. Students across the country take a stand for stronger gun laws ; The Oscar Goes to . This year's ceremony promotes diversity & inclusion ; Senator Debbie Stabenow talks firearms; DACA; Mich. roads ; Board of Advocacy focuses on an increase in community engagement ; Students and faculty "Fight the Night" for the homeless ; Where does Oakland's money go? A breakdown of the university's budget: How students are factored in the budget and why tuition increases every year ; Student-built machines chosen for display wall ; OUPD educates faculty on how to handle school shooting scenarios: To ensure safety on campus; OUPD and the CETL team up ; Just how diverse is student employment? ; Expert teaches tips to 'bee' careful with bees: Pollinators are now threatened in metro Detroit ; Donation drive aids foster kids: Raising funds for the Foster Love Drive will be held as the first club event ; #Enough; Oakland University community reacts to gun violence ; Staff editorial: Today's gun violence ; Students organize solidarity walk out ; Oakland University is a work of Art ; Alumnus opens Italian restaurant in Rochester ; Opioid epidemic continues to spread ; Dolce & Gabbanna replaces models with drones: This is the intersection of fashion and tech as more brands start to play with new ideas ; Billy Graham: A simple preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ ; The Oscars are finally moving into t he future: 90 years later; the Academy Awards have become more diverse; giving recognition to all ; "red Sparrow" Unexpectedly thrills; ultimately disappoints ; "Winchester" falls as a historical disappointment ; Oakland loses to Cleveland ; Women's basketball Horizon League tournament recap ; Grizz Gang hosts pep rally for Horizon League Tournament: The student organization came together to make men's and women's basketball rowdy ; The scandalous truth behind the Oakland Center construction



Stabenow, Debbie, Community engagement, Budgets, Oakland University. School of Engineering and Computer Science, Active shooter training, Student employment, Charity, Oakland University Art Gallery, Alumni, Drugs, Fashion, Religions, Grizz Gang