The Oakland Post 1992-12-09

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


OU Police investigate sexual assaults in dorms ; Detroit Race Relations ; Holiday decorating ideas ; Philosophical discussion ; Agassi to lecture on university governance ; Sex differences In humor ; December dilemma talk ; SNA Christmas toy drive ; "86 Tomatoes" session ; Deck the Hall ; New accounting standards force rebudgeting ; Search for VP down to five ; Board of Trustees redefines role of its committees ; AIDS; HBV dangers not yet recognized by the public: Unsafe sex can equal death ; HBV affects 300,000 Americans yearly ; TQM sparks campus-wide debate among students; staff ; OU Police; Residence Halls address Congress' concerns ; Everybody say cheese ; CRIME WATCH ; OU faculty try to increase level of grads ; OUR VIEW Secrecy is not a necessary evil of public business ; Hopes someday "G" will get better timeslot ; American universities are the best; but need more research ; Campus View ; Meeting the challenges of HIV-AIDS in the workplace ; National View ; Please pass the petition ; Calendar THEATER Excursions ; ART ; CONCERTS ; EVENTS ; Toys for Tots brightens a holiday ; Tradition begins again with start of "A Christmas Carol" ; Annual celebration focuses upon AIDS carriers and carers ; Latest Releases Alternative band helps less fortunate: Goober & The Peas throw Christmas Eve Get-Together for Detroit ; Although repetitive; second album is a worthy effort ; Changes in style will pick up new fans ; Brooks puts on a high kick'n good time ; Prospective PT students levied new fee ; Features Close up view of AIDS shows different picture ; Hanukkah has a history ; Gifts can have meaning without paying the price ; Everybody now; "Fa la la la la la la la la " ; Recycling efforts are looking promising ; Making dreams come true ; Concert to warm more than hearts ; Red Cross looks for gifts of blood ; Stop pointing fingers ; Sports Fond farewell to Final Four ; Men's Basketball Preview: Kampe takes new look Pioneers into 1992 GLIAC season ; Cagers off to slow start in adjustment phase ; NCAA policy spurts concerns over AIDS; HBV ; Zoltak sets national record ; Tankers take second at EMU meet ; OU runs record to 5-0; Taylor 0-1



Oakland University Police Department, Oakland University. Board of Trustees, AIDS, NCAA