The Oakland Post 1987-09-21

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Congress starts up ; Budget decreases $24,000 ; Accredited programs a plus ; Go in peace ; Academic skills center budget means more group tutoring ; Touchtone registration may start ; Students' grades drop slightly ; NEWS BRIEFS Three fights occur ; Suicides attempted ; Congress elects 8 new members ; Goose receives medical attention ; Stroke lecture ; Senate readies for term ; Proposal to count only one 0.0 grade ; Steady increase of book prices due to publisher markups ; Fiddlin' around ; Model library ; Night students gypped in office hours services ; Friend overcomes handicap succeeds ; Letters to the Editor ; Lowry childcare helps mother attend classes ; Sociology prof says Post should include 'university' in name ; BLOOM COUNTY ; Pillow Walk ; New award notes student achievers ; Baseball card collection of 90000 displayed in O C ; Annual Septemberfest celebration combines familiar events; new activities ; Engineering students attempt international auto design event ; Career workshop attracts large number of graduating students; Campus 'lost and found' items destined for police auction ; Condom machines installed at colleges ; 'Dogman's Last Stand' blends fantasy reality ; What's Happening ; 'Fatal Attraction' succeeds as thriller jolts audience with bizarre plot twists ; Students rarely think about sex; researchers claim ; In Their Own Words I'll never forget... ; Butterflies are free ; Finally a pro ; Eren excels as Pioneers shut out unlucky foes ; Spikers get off to 8-1 start Schoolcraft goes down hard ; Osmun first in local run ; Tennis team beats Saginaw ; Soccer club undefeated player ejected for fighting ; Intramurals start today.



Septemberfest, Student life, Grades, Accreditation, GPA, Society of Automotive Engineers, Career workshops, Undergraduate distinguished achievement award