Minutes of the Meeting of the University Senate, April 2, 1970

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Linguistics, Department of-establishment. Approved. Exploratories-freshman-modifications of program. Approved. Provost search-students to be consulted. Approved. Grades-grades below 1.0 to be eliminated; 1st reading. Grades-grades 3.6-3.9, 4.1-4.3 to be eliminated; 1st reading. Blue Ribbon Committee on Educational Reform. Info item. Concentrations. No action. Major standing-students may graduate without dept. major. 1st reading. Grades-0.0 to be eliminated; replaced by N. Grades-S/N (satisfactory/not satisfactory) option. Grades-term report=complete record of student's work. Grades-transcript=record of credits presented toward graduation. Grades-conditions for waiving 2.0 GPA for graduation. General education-guidelines. Courses-discontinue letter designations for exploratories, colloquia & forum. Add/Drop date-Add date. Add/Drop date-Drop date. Courses-Independent study-authorized. Independent study-authorized. Courses-prerequisites. No action. Admissions-criteria, programs for disadvantaged, non-matriculation category. Library-Constitution. No action. Autonomy & Independence for Oakland-Info item.


Agenda and Minutes for the April 2, 1970 Meeting of the University Senate


Oakland University. College of Arts and Sciences. Department of Linguistics, Exploratories, Freshmen, Provost searches, Grades, Elimination of grades, Blue Ribbon Committee on Educational Reform, Concentrations, Major standing, S/N (satisfactory/not satisfactory), Term report, Transcripts, Waivers, General education, Add/drops, Independent study, Prerequisites, Admissions, Kresge Library, Constitutions, Oakland University (Autonomy & Independence)