The Oakland Post 2000-11-15

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


OU reacts ; 'Survivor' gives TV; OU reality check: Show's star says fame hasn't changed her ; SS number key to theft ; False alarms annoy dorms ; OUSC stands ground on green space ; Jenna facts ; CRIME watch ; The world of wireless: Cancer linked to phone use ; Brain Tumor Facts ; LEX ; Cellular Service Rate Plans ; Cellular providers offer many options ; School spirit changed from golfing to talking ; EDITOR'S view Who wins? Who knows? ; LETTERS to the editor Kresge library noise level inescapable ; Commute longer because of construction ; Greens remain loyal despite loss ; Recount leading to national changes ; STUDENT Affairs: UPDATING OU ; MOTLEY FOOL U ; I Wanna Retire! ; Investing saves students cash ; Four Day weather ; OU reacts ; And the winner is: Covering chaos ; when will we know? ; Results in Michigan ; Who got what? ; the quest for the capitol ; LIFE edge ON CAMPUS ; CONCERTS ; nibble on this ; 'No Name Face' exceeds expectations ; 'Blink' CD alive with disappointment ; Blink-182 CDs ; SPORTS edge SCORE BOARD ; Grizzly men win second straight exhibition game versus G.T. Express ; Kampe's team prepares for U-M; MSU match ups this weekend ; Black Bears drown at ONYX; face Kalamazoo; Iceland with 5-6 record ; Jalaba upset; but stays optimistic about rest of season; Iceland ; Super Bowl 2006 may rev up spirit in Motor City ; Women Grizzlies set goal to repeat ; Katie Wolfe scores 28 points en route to victory over OGBM Legends ; SPORTS RE-CAPS ; Volleyball ends another disappointing season ; World Wide Web gives OU worldwide audience: hosts basketball games for a second year ; Mid-Continent Conference Standings ; the Golden Grizzly ; 'NERVOUS' energy: Second City revue brings Detroit; big business scandals to stage ; Trailblazer photographers display work at DIA ; For Your entertainment



Land preservation, Crime