Oakland University Magazine, Fall 1999

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News & Notes; New state budget nets OU students a tuition break; A new roving classroom lends MBA students global insight; Campus buzzes with sounds of construction; Oakland Center renovation debuts; OU researcher develops strikes against stoke; Biomedical research at OU is bigger and better; OUF welcomes 3 directors, ex officio; OU ranks in top tier of Midwest universities; The way we were, by Cindy Hampel; Stories behind the "survivors"; A charter course;
Old Oaks remember, by Gary Graff; Who was it named for?;Behind-the-scenes tales and facts from the past 40 years, by Jennifer Charney; The man called Woody, by Todd Height and Jim TerMarsch; Alumni news. Oakland University Alumni Calendar;
Internet access privilege to end; Alumnus and actor Steve Blackwood to emcee banquet; OU takes spirit on the road; Phone (or e-mail) home; Class notes;
Bench to mark Marilyn Broderick's memory; Winning the Triple Crown; A worldly rear admiral; Mentor for African-American youths.