The Oakland Post 2017-10-04



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Wilson's Hidden Treasures: Over 10,000 unseen pieces hope to be exhibited soon ; Ask Ora. President Pescovitz hosts a Q&A with the campus community ; Career Trek: Quicken Loans to show Oakland students employment opportunities ; Battle of the Sexes. Film review of the 1973 story played by Emma Stone and Steve Carell ; From the president: A message of hope ; Students gather to "Ask Ora" ; Police Files: Not the Greatest First Impression ; Group Messages? More like Drama Parties; Canadian Club Whiskey; A Bottle of Wine; Labatt Reserve Apple Ale ; Oakland and MIOSHA form alliance to promote growth: New degree program available to both students and adults ; Second annual hackathon ; Taiwan Week comes to PU ; Students venture to Quicken Loans: OU students; alumni gather to tour Detroit-based company ; Movers and shakers attend Michigan Dance Festival: MDC brings workshops and a variety of classes on new styles ; A night full of dancing during Hispanic Celebration Month ; From studying in Kresge to running for office ; Fashion Misconceptions ; Feminists of Oakland: Slut Walk ; Hidden Treasures in Wilson Hall: Art professor Dick Goody created an art piece composed of 10,500 pieces stored behind the piece ; Bernie Sanders "College for All: Act proposed by previous presidential candidate has resurfaced; push for Congress to help students ; A look at the national anthem protests ; Based on a true story: "Battle of the Sexes"; Emma Stone serves gripping spin on sexuality and equality in new biographical movie ; "This is Us" fans finally get what they've been waiting for: Television series that revolves around telling the story of a married couple with triplets ; Albaugh's Advice Column: a special story for the freshmen here at Oakland University ; Students are acting so crazy that some people are mistaking them as "animals": Oakland's "Animal House disorder" support group continues to help the delusional ; The Blitz: Everything fans need to know about Oakland athletics and the results from games: Catch up on how Oakland University's resident athletes have been faring in competition this week ; A nation fired up from football protests: Would national anthem protests ever happen during Oakland University events? ; Club sports team highlight: Fencing ; Profile: Krysteena Davis



Pescovitz, Ora Hirsch, Oakland University. College of Arts and Sciences. Department of Chemistry. Environmental Science Program, Hispanic culture, Dance, Feminism, Oakland University Art Gallery